Professional Make-up Artist
Kids’ Make-up
(13 yr * under)
$15 & up
 Make-up Application $45
Make-up Lesson $55
Air Brush Make-up $80 & up

Lash extensions are tiny black fibers (commonly mink, synthetic hair or synthetic silk) that are attached to natural eyelashes using glue to create the illusion of longer, natural lashes. The fibers either come as individual pieces or attached to a strip. Strip lashes can be applied by anyone. Professionals typically apply individual lashes.

The Process:
A technician applies patches to the under-eye area to help hold down your bottom lashes. A primer is then applied to the upper lashes before using tweezers to fan out the upper lashes and isolate one of them. The technician will then pick up an extension using another pair of tweezers, dip the extension in glue, and carefully attach it to the top of the isolated natural eyelash. Your eyes will remain closed throughout the process.

Eyelash extensions can last for the lifespan of your natural lashes- typically about six weeks with proper care. Touch-ups are recommended every three weeks to keep them looking their best.

Lash Tint – $20

Lash Applications – $20 and up
Lash Extensions – $250 Full Set
Lash Extensions – $75 Fill or Touch Ups

Skin Care
AVEDA® Facial Treatment

Pure Focus™ – $45
Your choice of skin exfoliation, face and neck massage or corrective techniques for stressed skin. Best for busy people who need a quick fix!

Elemental Nature™ Facial – $70  Extended – $100
This treatment includes customized formulas, massage techniques and rituals to restore your skin to its natural state of balance and focuses on each individuals’ treatment of choice. Great for every skin type and first-timers.
Outer Peace™ Acne Relief and Outer Peace™ Blemish Relief – $77
This multifaceted approach to treating acne will help to clear skin and diminish the appearance of irritation associated with blemishes. For best results, we recommend a series of three treatments.
Revitalizing Eye Treatment – $25
Focus on diminishing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles in the delicate eye area.
Aveda® Plant Perfecting Peel – $30
Compared to 30% glycolic peel with 0% irritation. Smooths away fine lines and wrinkles.
*We recommend take-home products for best results.